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  • All about ShavuotShavuot marks the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. The Ten Commandments are read in synagogues, just as they were in the desert on Mt. Sinai over 3,300 years ago.Read More

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Despite the obvious rawness of the environment, I could not help but think about the potential this apartment had
Talk about Jewish guilt. It is said that if we don't witness the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in our lifetime, it's as if we...
So, you have been invited to join a family for a Shabbat meal. What do you need to know?
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Tammuz 18, 5775
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    Alot Hashachar (dawn) | Fast Begins

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    Earliest Tallit and Tefillin

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    Netz Hachamah (sunrise)

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    Latest Shema

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    Zman Tefillah

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    Chatzot (midday)

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    Shkiah (sunset)

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    Fast Ends

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    Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall)

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